Swell Ink


How do I prepare my art files?

You need to make sure your artwork is in vector format. Acceptable file types are .ai, .eps, .pdf and .svg. If you don't have a vector file, we can help you convert it - ask for pricing!

What's a vector graphic?

There are two types of images - Rasters and Vectors. Rasters are made out of pixels and have a set resolution based on size. This makes them useless for clean prints! Vectors are generated using mathematically precise lines so the quality doesn't change no matter how big or small they are scaled. Perfect for clean prints!

How large can a graphic be screen printed?

Our screens and print pallets allow us to print up to 16" x 20" on a standard print location. Sleeves prints can be a maximum of 4" x 16".

Are there setup fees?

Yes. We charge screen fees on screen printing orders and a digitization fee for embroidery orders.

How much are screen fees?

We charge a one-time fee of $25 per screen. Each ink color requires its own screen.

How much is the digitization fee?

We charge a one-time fee of $50 to digitize a logo. This must be done to optimize your graphic for the embroidery machines.

What is the turnaround time?

Our typical turnaround time is 7-10 business days from the time you place an order.

Is there a minimum quantity for orders?

For standard screen printed garments we require a minimum of 48 pieces. Direct-To-Garment Printing and Embroidery has no minimum quantity.

Can I mix and match garment colors?

Yes. Garment colors can be mixed as long as there is a minimum of 12 per color.